Saturday, March 24, 2018

2018--అందంగా తీయబడిన, బహుమతి పొందిన పక్షుల ఫోటోలు....ఫోటోలు

Water rail, Salamanca, Spain: Photo by Mario Cea

Giant cowbird taking ticks from a capybara, Pantanal, Brazil: Photo by Petr Bambousek.

Kingfisher diving, Spain: Photo by Mario Cea Sanchez:

Dalmatian pelicans, Lake Kerkini, Greece: Photo by Johan Siggesson.

Toco toucan, Poconé, Brazil: Photo by Petr Bambousek.

Whooper swans, Janakkala, Finland: Photo by Antti Siponen.

Red-billed oxpecker on an impala, Kruger National Park, South Africa: Photo by Edmund Aylmer.

Sanderling wading birds stop during migration, Asturias, Spain: Photo by Mario Suarez Porras.

Grey heron, Hungary: Photo by Bence Mate.

Northern gannet with discarded netting in its beak, Heligoland, Germany:Photo by Petr Bambousek.

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