Sunday, September 28, 2014

అంతర్జాలంతో ప్రజల జీవితాలను మార్చిన వ్యక్తులు.....ఫోటోలు

Vint Cerf And Bob Kahn - Father of the Internet

Tim Berners-Lee = Inventor of WWW.

Ray Tomlinson = Father of Email

Michael Hart = The birth of eBooks

Gary Thuerk = The first Email spam

Scott Fahlman = The first emoticon

Marc Andreessen = Netscape Navigator

Jarkko Oikarinen = Internet Relay Chat, IRC

Robert Tappan Morris = First Worm Virus

David Bohnett - Geocities

Ward Cunningham - The first Wiki

Sabeer Bhatia - Hotmail

Matt Drudge - The Drudge Report

Larry Page And Sergey Brin - Google(Search Engine)

Bill Gates - Microsoft

Steve Jobs - Apple

David Filo and Jerry Yang: Yahoo

Brad Fitzpatrick - LiveJournal

Shawn Fanning = Napster

Peter Thiel - Paypal

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