Saturday, June 7, 2014

పాతకాలంలో ఇప్పుడున్న దేవాలయాలు....అరుదైన ఫోటొలు

Mahabodhi Temple of Bodh Gaya - Bihar 1935

Great Temples of Tanjore (Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu) - 1880's-90's

Decorative Temple at Tanjore (1880's)

Temples from Distance

Gateway of Temple

Temple with Mythological Sculptures

The Peruvudaiyar Kovil,Temple Decorated with Terracotta Designs - Circa 1900's

Martand Sun Temple - Kashmir 1900's

Photograph of a Temple in Trichinopoly (Tiruchirappalli) Tamil Nadu - 1890's

Various Photograhs of Jagannath Temple, Puri - 1890's

Temple of Tooth - Ceylon (Sri Lanka) - 1890's

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