Tuesday, August 20, 2013

సైన్స్ ఒక ఆశ్చర్యం....గ్రాఫిక్ మూవింగ్ ఫోటోలతో

Push two identical clouds of smoke  photo 10_zpsf3f70f0c.gif

Set fire to smoke

 photo 12_zps6d10dae9.gif

Physics trick

 photo 11_zps27db0c04.gif

Russell’s viper venom blood  photo 9_zps71329a52.gif

Slicing a bead of Mercury in half  photo 8_zps847c5e5d.gif

Dip a spoon of Gallium into a glass of hot water  photo 7_zps64a86377.gif

Liquid Nitrogen mixed with 1500 ping pong balls  photo 6_zpscb430832.gif

Hydrophobic sand placed underwater  photo 2_zps1bbbe8cd.gif

Heating Mercury Thiocyanate

 photo 5_zps5f3a748c.gif

Electrical discharge

 photo 3_zps47b1f5a5.gif

Water crystallizing into snow  photo 4_zps29623729.gif

Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with Potassium Iodide  photo 1_zpsf919acc5.gif

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