Saturday, August 17, 2013

చరిత్రసంబంధమైన కథారూపములు...ఫోటోలు

Fidel Castro laying a wreath at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, 1959
Japanese plane shot down during the Battle of Saipan, near Saipan; circa June 15 – July 9, 1944
British SAS back from a 3 month long patrol, North Africa, January 18, 1943
Fallout cloud above the Japanese city of Nagasaki, 20 minutes after the atomic bombing in 1945
Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke’s family photo left behind on the moon -1972
The Mighty Titanic Prepares to Leave Port. 1912
Liberated Jewish man holds NAZI soldier at gunpoint during WWII, unknown date
Colourized image of Osama Bin Laden (age 14, second from right) and Family in Sweden, 1971
Leo Tolstoy telling a story to his grandchildren, 1909
Men eating bread and soup in a breadline during the Great Depression
John McCain being captured by Vietnamese civilians in Truc Bach Lake in Hanoi-1967
German air raid on Moscow, 1941

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