Sunday, June 16, 2013

పై నుండి చూస్తే ఎడారులు ఎలా ఉన్నాయో చూడండి...ఫోటోలు

Sugar — Located in North Africa
Dasht-i-Kavir desert in Iran
The desert Rub al-Khali (the Middle East), which covers 583,000 square kilometers
The Namib Desert
Oases in the United Arab Emirates
Rocks, located in the Sahara
Desert in Egypt
Dust storm in a desert (Chad)
Libyan Desert
River in the Taklamakan Desert
Meteor Crater Aorounga. Located in the state of Chad
Uluru in Australia
Structure Richat (Guell-Aire Richat) - a geological formation located in the Mauritanian Sahara desert
Brandberg Mountains, located on the edge of the Namib Desert
Desert Dasht-i-Kavir

Photos: Barcroft Media

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