Monday, November 12, 2012

అందమైన వంతెనలు...ఫోటోలు

Puente Trajan, Spain.......Standing in Alcántara, Spain, the Puente Trajan is a stone bridge built by the Roman emperor Trajan between the years 104 and 106 A.D. The Latin inscription on its archway states: "I have built a bridge which will last forever. So far, so good." Photo: Biblioteca Nacional de España

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England......Opened in 2000, the Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian footbridge across the River Tyne with a unique feature: The bridge can rotate up to allow boats to pass under. Photo: Simon & Vicki

Helix Bridge, Singapore......Modeled after the DNA double helix that encodes the blueprints for life on Earth, the Helix Bridge is a pedestrian walkway in downtown Singapore. It was officially opened in 2010. Photo: bboylanky

Kintai Bridge, Japan.......Built in 1673, this wooden arch bridge spans the Nishiki River in Japan’s Yamaguchi Prefecture. The current bridge is the last in a series of wooden bridges destroyed in rapid succession by localized flooding. Thanks to architectural improvements, this final version still stands today and has been named a national treasure by the Japanese government. Photo: durian

Golden Gate, San Francisco.....San Francisco’s iconic bridge spans the Golden Gate, the strait that connects San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. Its remarkable orange colour (known in the aerospace industry as "international orange") was chosen to make it visible to passing ships even in heavy fog. Photo: TenSafeFrogs

Eitai Bridge, Tokyo......After the original wooden structure was destroyed in an earthquake, the city of Tokyo built this high-strength steel replacement in 1926. Photo: TVTP

Python Bridge, Amsterdam.......Built in 2001, this Amsterdam bridge really does resemble a giant red snake. Bonus points for the decorative aluminum seagulls. Photo: ** Tania **

Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong.......With a span of almost 1400 meters, Hong Kong’s Tsing Ma Bridge is the longest rail-traffic suspension bridge in the world. It’s also an example of forethought in engineering -- it has two enclosed road and rail lines that can be used to evacuate the area in case of severe typhoons. Photo: kyo_eric

Mackinac Bridge, Michigan.....Connecting Michigan’s two peninsulas, the five-mile Mackinac Bridge is the dividing line between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Every Labor Day, the bridge is opened to pedestrians, and tens of thousands of people converge on it to take part in the Mackinac Bridge Walk. Photo: Odalaigh

Banpo Bridge, Seoul.....Seoul’s Banpo Bridge features an ornamental rainbow fountain that shoots sprays of water through almost 10,000 LED-lit nozzles that line its span. Photo: st.solaris

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