Monday, October 8, 2012

అణగగొట్టబడ్డ కొన్ని ఇన్వెన్షన్స్....వీడియో

పూర్తి స్క్రీన్ లో చూడండి


  1. False or impractical inventions like Ramar Pille Petrol

  2. In your profile please replace the word "parting" with "sharing". I feel that word would be more appropriate. Your blog is so good. Every time i open your blog that word always strikes as some kind of an aberration. No offence meant. Thank you for your infotainment blog.

    1. Dear Venu,

      Thank you for correcting the wording. I have changed "parting" with "sharing". Please note I will never take any comment as offence and I am happy to note that gentlemen like you are showing so much interest in my blog and reading every thing in my blog to ensure that every thing written is proper, because my blog is seen not only telugu knowing people but many others also. Thanking you once again. Please keep correcting me if anything improper is found.